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How can I ensure the quality of the products produced?

When you order a product from a Chinese factory that you found via a web directory or trade-fair, you have no real way of knowing the quality of the products that you will receive.  In many cases, the products simply never arrive and the company vanishes, taking your deposit and intellectual property with them.  Sadly, there is no effective legal recourse in Chinese or CIS courts in such a case.  Not surprisingly, the online trade directories do not warrant the companies that advertise on their site.

  In contrast we have a strong presence in  China . we  stand behind the products that we sell.  We can do this because we only work with factories that we know and trust.  We qualify the factories to ensure that they have adequate equipment and systems in place to deliver the required quality level. 

How long before I receive my order?

There are three stages in ordering from China:

Placing the Order

In general, the factory will not start work on your order until they receive payment.  Depending on the factory this may mean payment in full or simply receipt of your deposit.  International wire transfers can take 4-5 business days to complete. 

 Lead Time

Since the factory will generally be working on more than one order at a time they will schedule yours into their work queue, and order any necessary raw materials. Then they have to actually manufacture your goods.  The length of time taken for the manufacturing process varies enormously depending on what is being manufactured and the size of the order. 

Shipping : According to different transportation .  usually you may receive your order after 50 days

I wish to receive the discount for your service . is it possible ? 

Usually we do not do the discount for services as our prices low enough, exception make the prices for agency agreements where the prices contractual and individual for each client.

How and when to pay your services?

At a stage of consideration of your application-inquiry the information is given free of charge. We take payment only for the detailed information on the required goods (contact data of the manufacturer, the price for production, special conditions and so forth).
 you can pay  the settlement account of our company. The small sums by Western Union.

Whether your information is reliable ?

Yes, after we find the information according to your inquiry, we carry out contact to the potential partner and we are convinced of, whether really this partner is real and is that who to you is necessary

I would want you become my representative in China , what price for these services?

 The price for representation services is defined by the agency agreement and is individual, depending on volume of carried out works. please contact us for detail info.

Who uses your service ?

The Russian companies and businessmen beginning or already having business in territory of China. Our services approach you if your company:
1. Cannot find necessary production in the market of China that means, that production demanded by you is specific.
2. Cannot find necessary production owing to absence of experience of dialogue with the Chinese manufacturers
3. Cannot find necessary production because of the problems connected with language.
4. Cannot find production because of absence information about a place of manufacture of the given kind of the goods.

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